19/07/2012 13:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Parents See Image Of Margaret Thatcher In Baby Scan!

Parents see image of Margaret Thatcher in baby scan! SWNS/PA

Dawn and Mark Smith got a fright when they had their baby's 20 week scan - the spitting image of Margaret Thatcher - bouffant hair and everything - appeared!

Dawn, 36, and Mark, 39, from Stanhope, had the second scan of their unborn baby at the William Harvey Hospital in Kent.

Former Conservative Prime Minister Maggie's face can be seen just above their baby's belly, and it even looks like she has a few members of parliament by her side.

Unfortunately, there's no hat or handbag in sight.

Proud dad-to-be Mark posted the scan photo on Facebook where a friend first noticed the Iron Lady's headshot.

Dad of six Mark says: "We put it on Facebook over the weekend and someone just spotted that it looked a bit like Maggie Thatcher!"


Did you see something weird or wonderful in your baby's scan photo?

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