Amy Winehouse: Mitch Winehouse Plans To Celebrate Anniversary Of Daughter's Death With Karaoke Night

How Winehouse Plan To Mark First Anniversary Of Amy's Death

Amy Winehouse's dad is planning to remember the tragic singer on the first anniversary of her death by holding a karaoke night in a London jazz bar.

A year after the Rehab hitmaker's untimely passing, Mitch Winehouse is to commemorate his daughter on Monday with a party at her favourite jazz joint.

It has been a year since Amy Winehouse died in her London home

Mitch is adamant Amy would have have wanted her friends and family to celebrate her life through song and not spend the day "moping around".

He told Britain's Sun on Sunday, "It'll be one of those nights. There will be a lot of laughter and a lot of tears. We're going to Amy's house at 8pm and saying our Jewish prayers then we're going straight from there to Jazz After Dark.

Jazz After Dark was one of Amy's regular London haunts

"We're getting my mate Freddie down with the karaoke so if anybody wants to get up and sing, they can. We went there after Amy passed away... But that's the kind of night Amy would have wanted. She wouldn't want us moping around the house, she would have wanted us to sing."

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