23/07/2012 11:15 BST

Lady Gaga Takes Boyfriend Taylor Kinney For Dinner At Father's New York Restaurant (PICS)

Meeting the parents is always a big deal, but if these pics are anything to go by Lady Gaga's boyfriend Taylor Kinney has had the seal of approval from Mr and Mrs Germanotta.

Gaga and her beau were seen leaving her father Joe Germanotta's restaurant in New York last night after enjoying a date.

lady gaga taylor kinney

Joe is usually in attendance at the restaurant called Joanne's, so it is likely Taylor would have bumped into his missus' father.

It was obviously a good night, as Gaga tweeted this morning she was suffering from the effects of a few too many.

"Hangover, :( help. Woke up cuddling my weave like a teddy bear and there's chicken and waffles in the bed. Need a gym and a salon," she wrote.

"I also found my pearl necklace BETWEEN the mattress and the bed ( how did that happen)"

lady gaga

Gaga - real name Stefani - called off her romance with Taylor back in May, blaming work commitments and her impossible schedule for the break up.

However, it wasn't long before they were back in each other's arms again, when Taylor jetted out to New Zealand in June to be with the singer on her Born The Way Ball tour.

The evening was also exciting for other reasons, as Gaga gave some of her Little Monsters a treat with a preview of one of her new songs.

Lady G was getting into a car when she reportedly played a brand new track on her car stereo.

Fans immediately took to Twitter to boast about hearing the new tune, with one, @boyXsupreme tweeting: "OMFG JUST MET GAGA!!!! SHE WAS PLAYING A SONG FROM THE NEW ALBUM!!!!! IT SOUNDED SOOO F****** AMAZINGGGG!!!!"

Another, calling themself @An_niee said: "I asked her if it was the new single she looked at me and shook her head yes and said shhhhh."

Considering Gaga recently admitted her new album will "lack maturity", we can't flippin' wait.


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