24/07/2012 05:37 BST

Amy Winehouse's Parents Visit Her House To Remember Her On First Anniversary Of Her Death

Amy Winehouse's parents paid an emotional visit to their late daughter's home yesterday on the first anniversary of her death.

mitch winehouse

Mitch visits Amy's home where she died last year

Mitch and Janis Winehouse joined fans outside the singer's Camden home, where she was found dead on 23 July last year, and laid flowers and left tributes to Amy.

janis winehouse

Amy's mum Janis was also seen outside the house in Camden

The scenes yesterday were reminiscent of that of a year ago, when thousands of fans lined the streets around Amy's home in the days after her death, where they collectively mourned the singer's passing.

The pair were joined by Amy's best friend and The Voice finalist Tyler James as they walked around her empty home, which was recently put on the market for £2.7m.

mitch winehouse

Amy's best friend Tyler James also joined Mitch as they walked around her home

Mitch also signed copies of his new book about Amy for fans, which he spoke about yesterday in an exclusively blog for HuffPost UK.

mitch winehouse

Mitch signs copies of his book for fans outside Amy's home

"I thought a lot about Amy's relationship with music, her own and the music of other artists, while I was writing my book," he said.

"Sometimes listening to Amy's music helps me; sometimes it makes me feel more sad. I miss Amy more than I can say."