24/07/2012 09:14 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Chantelle Houghton Reveals The Name Of Her Baby! And It's A Cracker!

Chantelle Houghton and baby daughter Dolly New magazine: Chantelle Houghton and baby daughter Dolly

Go on, admit it, bet you thought Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid would, to drum-rolls and fanfare, announce that their gorgeous baby girl was called Chardonnay or Chanex or Princess Alexelle or something equally ridiculous, didn't you?

Well so did we, so we were oooh-ing and ah-ing with absolute joy when we heard what Chantelle has named her and Alex's first-born...


Dolly! Just HOW cute is that? Although we're not sure Dolly makes a great grown-up name.

Little Dolly Houghton Reid is in quite esteemed company - Sheree Murphy has a baby Dolly, there was the very famous Dolly the sheep, and Ms Parton has built an enitre brand on the name...

Chantelle says in her column in this weeks New! magazine that it was the 'original name Alex and I liked in the very beginning and we've gone back to it.'

Previously she said they had 'loved' the name Parker, thinking it was a 'bit like Victoria Beckham's daughter's name Harper' but ruled it out as it was 'a bit masculine', then they 'really liked Piper as well' but having concluded the baby did not look 'like either of them' decided on Dolly!

Well good for them - we love it!

Also in her column, cutesy formalities done with, Chan has a bit of a Too Much Information outpouring when quashing (yet more) rumours about the state of her and Alex's relationship:

"I admit we do have issues," she writes, "But I'm definitely not splitting up with him. One said that we sleep in separate beds and I refuse to cuddle him. He actually moans that our bed is uncomfortable and even told me to stop cuddling him the other day!

"It also said I'm denying him sex, but I think any woman that jumps into bed with her fella less than four weeks after having a baby is crazy!"

Chantelle blames 'back-stabbing people who should get on with their own lives and not
make up lies about us!' for the cruel leaks!

So what do you think of the name Dolly?

You can read the full interview in this week's New! magazine - out today.