Steve Duncan's 'A Tale Of Two Cities' Gives Insight Into Hidden World Of London And New York (PICTURES)

A Tale Of Two Cities: Incredible Photographs Of London And New York

Urban explorer Steve Duncan prides himself on looking at cities from a very unique perspective.

Working as an urban historian and photographer – a seemingly unusual career mix - Duncan not only has a keen interest and expert knowledge of cities’ infrastructure but a great eye for aesthetics.

Exploring from above

The result is A Tale Of Two Cities, a series of incredible images that charter the hidden world of New York and London that we take for granted.

I try to peel back the layers of a city to see what’s underneath,” Duncan explains. “From the tops of bridges to the depths of sewer tunnels, these explorations of the urban environment help me puzzle together the interconnected, multi-dimensional history and complexity of the great metropolises of the world.”

Duncan’s projects first began when he moved to New York as a student. He admits that when starting out he would often access the areas illegally, although nowadays he Is experienced and successful enough to gain permission.

Steve Duncan in action

Wandering slightly off the beaten track, he became amazed at how different the world was that he discovered.

Although most of his work takes place in New York, the US photographer became fascinated with London because of it’s vast history and set up a project there.

“The beautiful brick tunnels under London are much older than the tunnels under NYC,” he said. “London had many smaller rivers flowing into the Thames. Those rivers were part of why the city developed historically at that location. Over time they were hidden underground in tunnels and became important parts of the sewer system that the city constructed in the nineteenth century.

Duncan also takes groups on tours around cities. See his site for details.

A Tale Of Two Cities

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