24/07/2012 16:26 BST

Tulisa Tells Fellow 'X Factor' Judge Nicole Scherzinger To 'Toughen Up'

We all know Tulisa tells it like it is - after all, she does like to frequently remind us that she is the female boss.

And she's tried to get newbie X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger to be as tough as her, after giving her a ticking off for being too nice with the show's contestants.


Tulisa told The Sun of how she thought Nicole was being "too nice" after replacing Kelly Rowland on the panel.

"Everyone keeps asking me, 'Can you expect any brawls this year, or dramas?' But Nicole is just such a sweetie," she said. "She's too nice. It will never happen."

"I even tell her, 'Come on Nicole, be a meanie, toughen up'. But that's just who she is."

nicole scherzinger

She added: "She's a lovely, girl-next-door, down-to-earth person who is extremely talented. And she knows her stuff."

But anyone expecting any dramas between the pair as the series rolls on will be disappointed, according to Tulisa anyway.

Over the weekend, she took to Twitter to blast rumours she and Nicole weren't getting along.

"Piss off media with all ur me n @NicoleScherzy beef talk! Ur always guna try and make a headline cus uve got nothin good 2 write about..." she said.

"We get on fine!Just coz we r different doesnt mean we dont like each other!n if we didnt..believe me,Id let u know #hatebullshit"

That's us told then.

Earlier today, Tulisa premiered her new single Live It Up.


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