Sweet Potato Sorters Needed: Funny Jobs For Gap Year Students

'Sweet Potato Sorters' And Other Unusual Gap Year Jobs

School leavers who have shunned university for the time being and opted for the good old gap year will be relieved to hear there are plenty of jobs circulating - including positions for sweet potato sorters.

Goharvest.com, a company in Queensland, Australia, is advertising the "social" vacancy as the perfect job for a student traveller, providing the applicant is "outdoorsy with high energy levels". Skills gained from working on the Bundaberg farm include budgeting and working as a team.

Other rather unique jobs advertised by Queensland's tourist board include a Finding Nemo coordinator, a yacht hand, who needs to be able to tie a "good knot", and a "Jillaroo", which involves "mustering animals".


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