WATCH: Man Scares Wife With 'Hilarious' Backwards Truck Prank

WATCH: Man Scares Wife With Towed Truck Prank

You know how it is. You're driving along, trying to concentrate on the traffic and stay out of the Games Lanes, when you suddenly spot the opportunity to scare the living daylights out of the love of your life. What japes!

That's what happened when one family man spotted a huge truck being towed backwards along the US highway. This YouTube clip shows the gleeful-looking bloke announce his intentions to wake up his wife and pretend the truck is driving straight towards them.

You'll also note how he's since annotated the video in order to stress how he was driving safely and responsibly throughout - apart from the point where he nearly gives his wife a heart attack, that is. A word to the wise: if you value your own personal safety and/or relationship, don't try this one yourselves.

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