Joss Stone Turned Down A Job On 'The Voice'

British singer Joss Stone snubbed an offer to judge contestants on the U.K. version of The Voice because she dislikes the competition aspect of TV talent shows.

The You Had Me hitmaker was approached by BBC bosses to serve as one of the mentors on the contest, which debuted in Britain earlier this year.

However, Stone, who entered the U.K. competition Star for a Night in her teens, insists she would rather focus on her singing than a TV career.

Joss Stone performing at the Diamond Jubilee Pageant

She tells the Daily Express, "I was approached for The Voice in Britain but I don't think so. The thing is I love music and I love singing with other people and I don't see it as a competition at all.

"I feel that those things are really good to get exposure but they kind of make it into a competition and that is just sad. Other than that it is great because they get to be heard by millions and they never would have been before."

Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones, will.i.am and Danny O'Donoghue were the four stars who signed up for the series.

This year's Voice finalists in action...

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