UFO Spotted Over London Olympic Opening Ceremony (VIDEO)

WATCH: UFO Spotted Over Olympic Park

Want proof that Danny Boyle and the gang put on the greatest show in the galaxy for the London 2012 Opening Ceremony? Well, even mysterious beings from other planets showed up to catch a glimpse. Possibly.

Yes, it seems a UFO appeared over the Olympic Park in London just as the firework display erupted into full force, reports Examiner.com.

Don't believe us? Just look at this video, and you'll clearly - well, sort of clearly - see how a mysterious disc-shaped object makes its first appearance in the top left-hand corner then travels across the sky above the stadium as if hoping to get a better look.

Explanations? Well, it could have been a satellite, we suppose. Or another world monarch preparing to parachute from a blimp. But maybe - just maybe - it was a spaceship full of Mike Oldfield fans from Mars who'd heard their hero was in the area. Yes, the more we think about it, the more we're convinced that last option is the most likely scenario.


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