31/07/2012 16:29 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Anthea Turner Has 'Great Fun' At Party Thrown By Her Step-Daughters - As Her Husband Stands Accused Of Cheating

Anthea Turner's stepdaughters stick by her as their dad is accused of having an affair PA

The daughters of Grant Bovey reportedly threw a party for Anthea Turner after slinging their dad out of the family home over his alleged infidelity.

The Sun reports that Bovey's three daughters from his previous marriage arranged the bash to cheer Anthea up after she was left reeling by his reported straying.

Lily, 20, Amelia, 19, and Claudia, 16, are said to have told their dad to leave the £5 million Surrey home then had a 'big party' which Anthea branded 'great fun' a source told the paper.

The mole also claimed that the girls are 'very fond' of Anthea and that they 'must be embarrassed by all the claims of what happened.'

Lothario Bovey is said to have been romancing blonde interior designer Zoe de Mallet Morgan while Anthea was working abroad. At 24, Zoe is just four years older than his oldest daughter, Lily.

Anthea told reporters last night that she was 'heartbroken and devastated' by what had happened. Bovey, 50, refused to comment, saying only 'it is a private matter'.

However, a friend of his spoke out to defend him against newspaper rumours that he had not explained himself to his daughters. The pal said:

"That is absolute rubbish. Grant is very close to his daughters. He's a very good dad. They are all very fond of Anthea but they are very fond of Grant too and they are absolutely sitting on the fence."

Anthea is said to be jetting off to Spain with Amelia and Claudia next week.

She and Grant married in 2000, two years after her affair with him came to light. She was married to Peter Powell at the time, and Bovey briefly returned to his wife Della, after news of he and Anthea's relationship hit the headlines, before leaving her for Anthea for good. Or not, as the case may be...