31/07/2012 12:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Jail For Mum Who Left Two Babies Alone In Bath And Blamed One For The Other's Death

Jail for mum who left two babies alone in bath and blamed one for the other's death INS

A mum whose baby died after being left alone in bath full of water has been jailed for 45 months for his manslaughter.

The court heard that Danielle Reeves, 24, had left 11-month-old Frankie Joe and his three-year-old brother Alfie alone in the bath as she talked to neighbours in Redhill, Surrey, telling one she was 'so drunk' from drinking vodka.

The children were alone in the water for up to 45 minutes, with the bath full to the over flow. When Danielle eventually returned, she found Frankie Joe under the water.

The negligent mum then took him to neighbours and claimed he'd had a fit. She later told medical staff she had only turned her back on the tots 'for a couple of minutes'.

So convincing was she with her lies, she managed to reduce the ambulance staff to tears with her version of events - at one point blaming her older toddler for Frankie being under the water.

She pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Judge Christopher Critchlow said he assessed her culpability as high over the death of her son, telling her: "You totally abandoned your responsibilities as the mother of a baby at bath-time.

"You completely overlooked the risk to him of being unattended and not just for a moment or two, but for a very long time."

Reeves' neighbours had told police the young woman was a regular heavy drinker and cannabis smoker, and had previously been reported to Social Services after one local resident smelled cannabis coming from her flat on the day she came home from hospital after Frankie Joe's birth.

After being rushed to hospital the seriously ill baby tragically died on September 16 last year, the day after his first birthday.