01/08/2012 11:12 BST | Updated 01/10/2012 06:12 BST

Anonymous Vows War On Company Attempting To Trademark Its Logo

Anonymous has vowed war against a French company which has tried to register the hacking collective's logo and slogan.

The online t-shirt company Early Flicker registered the logo and slogan in France.

In response, Anonymous said via a YouTube video:

"Their arrogance and ignorance of what they have done will not go un punished," the group said.

"Anonymous will take down any business they have going on the internet and the 99% will not stop until the registration has been revoked and a public apology has been made."

The filing includes the logo of a suited man with a question mark in the place of his head, and the slogan: "ANONYMOUS. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. Expect us."

The video can be seen above and the filing below - if we were Early Flicker we'd be investing in some fairly robust online security protection, pronto.