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Kenny Logan: Gabby Lost So Much Blood During Twins' Birth, I Thought I Was Going To Lose Her

Kenny Logan: Gabby lost so much blood giving birth, I thought I was going to lose her PA

Rugby ace Kenny Logan is dad to Reuben and Lois, seven, his twins with sports presenter Gabby Logan. The couple conceived following IVF treatment. We caught up with him to talk about the twins' dramatic arrival, life with his two sporty kids and why he can't quite decide on baby number three...

Lois and Reuben were conceived through IVF, tell us about your story

We tried naturally for three years, and it just didn't happen for us. We went down the IVF route as we really wanted a family. I remember the day Gabby was going to have her pregnancy confirmed after treatment. I was in Scotland and she rang me before her appointment and said she wasn't feeling very well, and was worried she was going to lose the baby. She went to the appointment and it was confirmed she was pregnant and well! It was fantastic.

When did you find out you were expecting twins?

We had a scan four or five weeks after the initial test, and the doctor told us there were two babies, but not to get too excited as it was still early days, and we could go back at a later date and only one would be strong enough. Of course by then all you can think about is two babies - our twins. Our three month scan was a massive day for us. It was confirmed we were expecting two babies, and they were both well.

Gabby had quite a difficult delivery with the twins, what happened?

At the start everything was fine, Gabby really wanted a natural birth and everything seemed to indicate that would happen. We had candles and music and it was chilled out. But she didn't dilate quickly enough and we were told she needed a caesarean. I remember clearly leaving the room for about half an hour before they took her down. Everything had suddenly got dramatic and we both needed a bit of time. It sounds crazy - she was crying and I left, but at the time we needed the space. I went back in and put on my scrubs.

How was the birth?

Reuben arrived first, followed by Lois 16 minutes later. But Gabby was losing a lot of blood, and suddenly she went as white as a sheet. I was holding her hand and I felt her slipping away. It was terrifying. She was wheeled off for a blood transfusion, and all I can remember was the blood everywhere.

I looked down and the hospital bed wheels were covered in blood. I asked the doctor if she was going to die, and he said a firm no.

But all I could do was look down at these two tiny babies - two strangers - and think 'what if I lost her?'

We had the most amazing care and Gabby recovered. Our babies were here and strong and she was going to be ok.

Kenny Logan: Gabby lost so much blood giving birth, I thought I was going to lose her
Gabby and Kenny with Reuben and Lois in 2006

What would you say to other parents who are going through IVF?

Always be positive and think about what life will be like when it works. IVF is an amazing thing, and without it we wouldn't have our family, but it is long and hard work.

Be there for each other all the time. Dads really have it easy, what women go through is just incredible. Gabby was amazing and is a fantastic mum.

What are the twins into?

They are the best of friends, and love sport! Reuben is into EVERYTHING: he loves tennis, football, rugby...the list is endless. Lois is a gymnast and recently learnt the art of the cartwheel. We encourage them to have a go at anything that takes their fancy, which I think is so important.

You and Gabby are Highland Spring LTA Mini Tennis ambassadors, what's your involvement?

It's all about getting young people into tennis, which is such an enjoyable sport for kids and adults. Everything about the classes is geared for kids and for having fun. There are different levels and challenges to keep interest, and perfectly sized pitches and racquets for different ages. Reuben played last week and had such a blast. Kenny Logan: Gabby lost so much blood giving birth, I thought I was going to lose her
Gabby and Kenny in Highland Spring LTA Mini Tennis mode

How can families get active and enjoy sports?

I find it hard when families and young people don't get involved in sports and be active. There's so much to do! It's important to encourage any activity your children show an interest in.

Mum and dad are the two biggest role models to a child, so get involved and live a healthy lifestyle. Children are the future, and sports and activities teach two vital life skills: hard work and honesty.

What's your favourite thing about being a dad?

The mornings when they bundle in for a big cuddle. I love that time. The most difficult was the early days with two newborns - at times it could be horrific!

We caught up with Gabby this year who said she would like another baby but you would need some convincing...

I have days where I would love another, and days where I think, no, two is enough! If it happened naturally I would be over the moon, but I'm not sure we would do IVF again.

We do have eggs in storage though, so who knows....

Kenny Logan, along with his wife Gabby are official ambassadors for the Highland Spring LTA Mini Tennis initiative. Kenny is encouraging young children to pick up a tennis racquet and participate in sport. LTA Mini Tennis, sponsored by Highland Spring, has been developed by the Lawn Tennis Association to introduce children between three and ten years old to the sport. For more info visit and

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