02/08/2012 18:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tired Of Friends' Baby Photos? New Technology Can Turn Them Into CATS

Tired of friends' baby photos? New technology can turn them into CATS Alamy

Hands up all those whose babies are the best looking in the world? You know, the cutest smile, the brightest eyes, the softest skin?

You know, babies that are so utterly adorable that you just have to – HAVE to – share every picture of their cutesy-wootsyness with the rest of the planet aka your social network?

You know, those 'Aaah, isn't he/she sweet – she's just done a poo/sneezed into his baby mush/smiled like she's drunk/crawled/walked/slept/breathed' moments?

And hands up all those who have received such pictures, replied with an 'Aww, that's just amazing – he/she's the most unique/incredible/wondrous thing God has ever put on Earth' before pressing 'Delete' then throwing up in the wastepaper basket?

Mmm, it seems there are quite a lot of you. But how do you tell your friends and acquaintances, flushed with the joys of parenthood, that you are fed up of photos of their little darlings clogging up your timeline?

Well, you don't – you UnBaby them. And turn them into CATS! is a Chrome plug-in that will replace any baby photo that shows up on your newsfeed with an Instagram RSS feed-provided photo of a cat.

One of the developers, Chris Baker of Tribeca, told the Daily Dot: "The baby thing just got out of hand.


The behaviour of wanting to shove your kids' pictures down people's throats is as old as time itself - it's just now we're all connected and have to deal with certain things on a near constant basis.


"For most people, having a kid is their great accomplishment in life. We get it. And we knew it was a problem nearly everyone could relate to.

"Let's just be thankful we don't take constant pictures of all the things that come out of our bodies."

Installing is simple: Press the big 'Add to Chrome' button and then click on the blue Unbaby that pops up in your Chrome toolbar.

From there, you can adjust the keywords that Unbaby will filter out so that the plug-in is working most appropriately with what your Facebook friends are posting.

The plug-in is set to automatically keep an eye on phrases like 'year old', 'so adorable', 'our family', 'cutest baby', and 'learned to walk', but users are free to add whatever terms they see fit: 'first-time pooed in potty', 'chocolate-smeared face', 'eating bogeys'.

And especially: 'Umbilical cord'.

Can you ever imagine wanting to use this plug-in?

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