02/08/2012 07:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Weddings Are So Boring! Cute Flower Girl Falls Asleep On The Altar Steps As The Bride And Groom Exchange Vows

Weddings are an overwhelming experience for most of us – but not if you're a toddler.

For as the funny video shows, adorable flower girl Claire-Miller was so underwhelmed by the occasion that she fell asleep on the steps of the altar.

The fantastic footage was recorded by John Resig, who is co-owner of the California-based website The Chive where the video was posted.

Resig wrote that he captured the precious moment on his camera phone while attending a cousin's wedding in Lexington, Kentucky.

"As the priest was about to present the lovely bride and groom to the congregation, the adorable flower girl Claire-Miller decided to call it a day," he wrote.

The footage shows little Claire, sporting a flouncy white dress and a garland of flowers on her head, sliding to the ground as the priest is blessing the congregation.

As the wedding party sniggers, the worn-out girl settles for a relaxing snooze behind the bride and groom.

She then turns onto her back and gets comfortable below the altar with her head resting on a carpeted step. At that point, the happy couple and the minister realise what is happening and briefly pause the solemn ritual while the snoozing flower girl is carried away in her mother's arms.