05/08/2012 16:14 BST

Chemical Brothers' Don't Think Screening Sees Plan B, Jaime Winstone And Matt Smith Clown Around

More than 400 Adidas-wearing clowns descended on East London at the weekend, with Plan B, Jaime Winstone and Dr Who's Matt Smith getting in on the act as part of a Chemical Brothers film screening.

The dj'ing duo staged an immersive screening of their film Don't Think on Friday night, which saw celebs mingle with mortals and drink in the stunning visuals and heart-thumping beats of the Chemical Brothers' latest production.

chemical brothers

Matt Smith gets a makeover

Mixing favourites such as Do It Again, Hey Boy Hey Girl, the audience, who were all given Firebird track tops to wear, courtesy of Adidas, danced away into the night at the Village Underground in Shoreditch. Most impressive was Rosamund Pike, resplendent in a pink wig, who had a night off from being mum to her new baby to throw a few shapes on the floor.

chemical brothers

Jaime Winstone and Plan B fool around

Jaime Winstone and Plan B arrived in good spirits, dancing their way straight into the dressing room where they clowned around.

Taking a break from Dr. Who, was the latest timelord Matt Smith, who sipped Absolut Mule cocktails and raved the night away.