06/08/2012 07:02 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Amanda Holden Hits Back At Liz Jones Over 'Alien' And 'Barbie Doll' Jibes

Amanda Holden in war of words with Liz Jones over cosmetic surgery PA

Yummy mummy Amanda Holden has hit back at the Daily Mail's razor-tongued columnist Liz Jones after she was accused by the writer of resembling an 'alien' and a 'Barbie doll'.

In her column, Liz claimed the mum-of-two had undergone so much work on her face via Botox and fillers that she looked 'blank' and 'other-wordly'.

Amanda, 41, told Fabulous magazine that she was 'p*ssed off' by Jones' comments and insisted:

"She wrote it like it was fact. I don't have intrusive stuff done to me any more."

Amanda also rubbished Ms Jones' assertion that women who have cosmetic surgery 'hate themselves and their lives'.

Amanda - who has two young children with husband Chris Hughes, Hollie seven months, and Lexi, five, - said the article had left her initially feeling 'cross' but then with 'pity' for Liz.

"It seems to me that she clearly hates herself," she said, "She says all women who have surgery hate themselves, but I certainly don't.

"I have an amazing family. I love my husband and I have a great career. I think she is an appalling role model and a woman hater."

Liz is 53, and recently chronicled her own cosmetic procedures - including a face lift and fillers - for her paper.

What do you think about Liz's comments? Pot calling the kettle black? Or is Amanda's face just a bit too youthful to be beyond question?