Happy Birthday, Andy Warhol - The Best Photos Of The Artist Ever

Today is Andy Warhol's birthday. Andy Warhol, responsible for so many things: that infamous Marilyn painting, making Campbell's soup cool, the Velvet Underground's chart success, Edie Sedgewick and being the best name to drop since the 60s.

There's a lot to sing Warhol's praises for, even if you're not a pop art fan. However, we're particularly fond of his iconic look. There's something about Warhol that always looks so wonderfully...well, deranged.

So, much like putting love into a personalised birthday card, we've compiled our favourite photos from the 'Andy Warhol Looking Odd' file. We hope you enjoy them, we're contemplating getting a bleached bowl haircut to celebrate.

Andy Warhol
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