07/08/2012 13:24 BST

Aiden Grimshaw Gives Intense Performance At BT London Live (VIDEO)

Former X Factor contestant Aiden Grimshaw has given a brilliant and intense performance at BT London Live to celebrate the Olympics.

Grimshaw is currently promoting his debut album Misty Eye out on 20 August, after taking time out since appearing on X Factor in 2010.

The forthcoming album, written around a breakup he's gone through in the past two years, is unexpectedly good - and more to the point, doesn't sound like an 'X Factor record'.

Pleased with his own performance, during which he sang Curtain Call and The Island, he tweeted:

In the video above, he calls the gig his "first outdoor playing in a park" performance.

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He also says that, if his music were an Olympic sport, it would be the "3,000 metres because it's a journey but it's got pace".

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