07/08/2012 12:49 BST | Updated 07/08/2012 16:39 BST

Bradley Wiggins Reveals The Scariest Part Of The Olympics, And It Wasn't Racing...

Bradley Wiggins has revealed getting on his bike for the Olympic time-trial and competing under the pressure of a whole nation's hopes was not what scared him the most at the London Olympics.

In fact, it was taking part in Danny Boyle's opening ceremony, where he started proceedings by ringing an enormous bell.

Speaking to Huffington Post UK at the Adidas Underground party on Monday night, the gold medallist said the scariest thing was "the opening ceremony and going out in front of all those people".

And Wiggins didn't stick around to watch the full spectacle of Boyle's three-hour show, complete with a cameo from the Queen...

"I didn't watch all of it because I went straight to bed, I was racing the next day. Going out in front of all those people - I wasn't used to that sort of thing."

The first man to win the Tour de France and Olympic gold medal in the same year was getting used to his new found fame on Monday night though. He happily posed with fans throughout the event, which saw a surprise performance from the newly reformed Stone Roses.

bradley wiggins

Olympic Gold Medal winner Bradley Wiggins with Paul Weller at the Adidas Underground event in east London

And Wiggins even looked comfortable snuggled up to his mod rocker idol, Paul Weller.

Wiggins has in the past spoken about how music - including The Jam and Weller's solo music - has been a constant inspiration to him and remains his second love after cycling.

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