07/08/2012 06:13 BST

Geri Haliwell Celebrates Her 40th Birthday With Daughter Bluebell And Mother Anna-Marie In London (PICS)

Geri Haliwell celebrated her 40th birthday in style on a girls' night with her mother Anna-Marie and daughter Bluebell last night.

That's right we said 40th.

Shocked? Join the club.

geri haliwell

Ladies' night

It seems like just yesterday the star was prancing around in a Union Jack dress and platforms as Ginger Spice, screaming "Girl Power!" and patting Prince Charles on the bum.

What's more just look at how glowing and fresh faced she is! She doesn't look a day over 30. It must be all that yoga.

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Geri wore a simple black dress with gold shoes for dinner at an exclusive restaurant in Mayfair, while six-year-old Bluebell wore white and cream.

geri haliwell

Safety first

Geri gave birth to her daughter in 2006, and while film producer Sacha Gervasi is believed to be the father it has never been confirmed.

The blondie has hit the headlines in recent months over news that the Spice Girls are performing at the London 2012 closing ceremony - pretty much the worst kept secret in showbiz...


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