07/08/2012 17:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

School Bans Girls From Wearing Skirts

Girls in school skirts Getty Model released

A school in Ipswich has banned skirts for the new school year to stop girls attending in 'inappropriate attire'.

Northgate High School in Suffolk is the third school in the area to remove skirts from the approved uniform list after teachers had to send some pupils home for wearing super-short styles.

Headteacher, David Hutton, said antics in the last school year had made him ban skirts, and make all pupils wear trousers in September.

'With regard to uniform, unfortunately despite contacting specific parents, sending some girls home to change, requiring others to wear a school-owned skirt for the day and repeatedly asking others to 'unroll' their skirts at the waist we still had some girls coming to school in inappropriate skirts,' he told the Daily Mail.

'I have therefore introduced a trousers-only policy, which will enable my staff to focus their time and effort on providing pupils with the best education possible. We are not the first local school to come to the conclusion that all pupils should wear trousers.'

Parents who might suffer financially from the head's new ruling will be offered help funding the uniform change.

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