08/08/2012 07:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Six-Year-Old Boy Had Lego Piece Up His Nose For Three Years!

A six-year-old boy who has suffered sinus problems for the past three years has finally discovered what has been causing his bouts of ill health - a Lego piece stuck up his nose!

Isaak Lasson was having his nose checked out by doctors after enduring years of misery and difficulty breathing which interrupted his sleep and caused him to be on course after course of antibiotics.

It was only when a different doctor had a look up Isaak's nose, the cause of his sinus problems came to light - a wheel shaped Lego piece!

His dad Craig told KSL-TV that the Lego wheel must have worked its way deep into his sinuses after he put it up his nose as a toddler:

"I felt so bad," he said, " Isaak was sleeping with his mouth open, trying to breathe. We think he bent it in half [to put it in] - it's pretty flexible - and that it opened up once it got into his sinuses."

Isaak had previously told the doctor he had 'put some spaghetti up there' but that it had been a 'long time ago'.

No spaghetti was found up his nose, just a large ball of fungus encasing the Lego wheel.

Isaak's dad says he is now breathing and sleeping normally.

Wonder if the Lego wheel is back in the toy box, though?

Have your kids ever done anything like this?