Happy Birthday Philip Larkin! Quotes And Audio From Hull's Favourite Poet


We feel the creator of the ever-popular line "They f*ck you up, your mum and dad", probably didn't like birthdays much, and maybe wasn't one for cake or gaudy wrapping paper.

Which is why we're wishing him a wonderful day through the means of his best ever quotes, and listening to him read his poems '1914' and 'Lines On A Young Ladies Photograph Album'.

Both poems were recorded as part of the Sunday Sessions - two tapes recorded by Larkin in 1980 in Hull, which were published as a bestselling Faber audiobook, and are now being released on vinyl, as the record-collecting poet would have loved himself.

If he were around, we would have wrapped these up in a bow before asking him for a personal recitation. Instead, we're delivering them via the Internet to you. Hooray!

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