09/08/2012 13:39 BST | Updated 09/08/2012 13:41 BST

Street Theatre Troupe Wear Olympics Hair Sculptures

How are you getting into the Olympics spirit? Wearing red, white and blue? Stringing up some bunting? Or, perhaps like these enthusiastic fans, depicting London on top of your head.

Street theatre company Osadia have created elaborate representations of London - including the eponymous Big Ben, double-decker bus and a jingoistic Barbie doll - and paraded around the city showing the public what they've got.

hair art

The street performance group in British style

Osadia hail from Barcelona, where their performance of hairdressing show, sculpture, art and theatre attracts bemused and amazed crowds.

We can't help but feel that it goes to show just how much the spirit of Team GB is really rubbing off!

They may be the best-dressed tourists in town, but as for how popular Osadia's elaborate toupes would be in the Olympic spectator stalls, well that's another matter.

Check out the London hair sculptures in the gallery below

Olympics Hair Tributes

The world of bodypainting

Olympics Hair Tributes