13/08/2012 11:28 BST

Bears Break Into Holiday Cabin And Drink 100 Cans Of Beer

Don't you just hate it when a family of bears break into your holiday cabin and drink all your beer?

Then do spare a thought for poor Norwegian Even Borthen Nilsen and his family who returned to their cabin after a nice day out - only to find that a mother bear and her three cubs had helped themselves to their food and guzzled down more than 100 cans of lager. (Insert your own all-too-predictable 'bear with a sore head' joke here.)

Apparently, the grizzly invaders gained access through an open window - and swiftly wreaked absolute havoc.

'They had a hell of a party in there,' the understandably disgruntled Even told Norwegian media house NRK. 'The cabin has the stench of a right old piss-up, trash and bears.'

Hmmm... that's exactly how our office smells sometimes. Apart from the 'bears' bit, obviously. We haven't had a bear invasion here since the caretaker installed wire mesh across the front doors. To be honest, they tend to make a beeline for the honey shop next-door nowadays instead...