13/08/2012 06:41 BST | Updated 13/08/2012 18:38 BST

Naked Ambition: Secret Swimming At Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire (PICTURES)

A mass skinny-dip took place at Oxford’s Wilderness Festival this weekend.

A raft of bottoms and bits took to the somewhat chilly water in the stunt, organised by the founders of Secret Cinema.

Those gung-ho enough to take part will be invited to meet every few months to swim in “the wildest places, rivers, streams, ponds, iced lakes, wild seas and reservoirs.”


Bums away: Revellers leap into the waters

The plan is for meeting points to be distributed via secret maps sent just a week before each gathering.

The official website promises: “Secret Swimmers will come together through adventure and a shared love of wild waters.”

Festival-goers at Cornbury Park who chose not to disrobe were able to enjoy theatre, comedy, fly-fishing and horseriding, among other activities.

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Secret Naked Swimming