14/08/2012 08:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Amanda Holden Says Daughter Hollie Is The 'Perfect Baby'

Amanda Holden talks about her 'perfect' baby daughter Hollie  PA

Proud new mum Amanda Holden has said her new baby girl is the 'perfect baby'.

Speaking to New!, Amanda, 41, said baby Hollie - who was born in January - was very alert and sleeps through the night.

''I have to wake her up in the mornings!" Amanda said.

"She sleeps well and eats well and everyone comments on how smiley she is. Another thing is that right from the minute she was born, she has this focus and she's very alert. It's like she's been around before.''

But her arrival into the world wasn't quite so perfect - Amanda almost died when her heart stopped beating for 40 seconds and she suffered a massive haemorrhage during Hollie's delivery.

Amanda also revealed to the mag that she thinks Hollie looks a lot like her husband, Chris Hughes - but with her nose!

"She's got my little nose but she's definitely got Chris's eye shape and a mop of brown hair just like him - it's all floppy," she said, "She's stunning. People say, 'Gosh, she is beautiful,' and I say, 'I know,' whereas Chris says I should say, 'Thank you'.''

Amanda and Chris also have a six-year-old daughter Lexi - meaning Chris is at the beck and call of a house full of women!

''He loves it! He was delighted we were having another girl," Amanda insists. "When he's looking after her I write everything down like, 'Get the milk out,' and, 'The food's there.'

''I know she's fine... under my instructions!''

Aw! She really is such a proud mummy, isn't she?