15/08/2012 09:44 BST | Updated 16/08/2012 11:15 BST

Street Artist Creates Giant Water-Pistol Etch-A-Sketch

Warm summer evenings. What better time for an impromptu water fight? Even better, one which has proven artistic benefit?

Yes, we know it's hard to believe, but French street artist clever-man Antonin Fourneau has created an installation that allows participants to create electronic graffiti with water. Awesome.

Fourneau, who describes himself as less of an artist, "Even when I was in art school I said inventor. But now we can say maker, designer, artist, hacker...", has been playing around with conductivity for years.

water light graffiti Fourneau's water-sensitive canvas reacts with light when sprayed.

His experimentation may have been somewhat life-hazardous, but it's resulted in a few fun projects, like using the humidity in sushi to allow clever chopsticks to play music.

Fourneau tells HuffPost UK Culture that "the water has an unconsciousness influence on [his] mind", and that he sees his project as part of the future of street art.

Saying the water street art graffiti project is like a "graffiti 2.0", Fourneau likes to think of it as making it as "ephemeral as a post on your Facebook wall".

Other visitors to the installation, however, have compared it to an 'Etch a Sketch', which made the artist 'so proud.'

What do you think? Would you want a go?