15/08/2012 16:23 BST | Updated 15/08/2012 16:24 BST

Rob Beasley, Sun Journalist, Loses Cool On TalkSport During Olympics V Football Debate (AUDIO)

The Premier League begins this weekend less than a week after the superb spectacle that was the London 2012 Olympic Games. Unfortunately, some in the media have taken the opportunity to lazily compare Olympians with footballers and chief among these was The Sun's Rob Beasley, who then defended an article he penned on talkSPORT radio station.

Often when a sport that is not football captures Britain's imagination, that sport gains superiority for its morality and pleasantness away from the avarice and aggression in football. When actually even the Olympics, consisting of doped-up athletes, badminton players trying to lose and one-woman fencing protests, is also imperfect.

When this reality dawned upon Beasley, infamous for his recorded phone conversations with Harry Redknapp which were aired during the former Tottenham manager's tax evasion trial, he blew his lid.

After hypocritically bemoaning bad language at football matches (sanitising football can be a knock-on effect of in-vogue sports' dominance), he was labelled a "liar" by presenter Andy Goldstein.

"I will see you about this! I will see you about this!" he hollered before hanging up, having introduced himself smugly on-air.