Robbie Williams 'Punches' A Granny On Set Of New Vid (PICS)


If you saw these pictures of Robbie Williams without knowing what he's actually up to, they do not look good. At all.

But luckily we know that the Robster is a salt of the earth kinda guy and would never dream of punching a granny, and he only pretended to do so for his new video.

The former Take Thater was on set in East London to record the promo for his solo comeback single Vertigo.

And despite what the dusty pink suit and bright green trainers may suggest, it all seems a bit of a dark affair, as other pictures show Robbie being run over by a car, jumping from a building (with the help of a stunt double) and dressed as an angel-come-knight.

Robbie Williams 'Vertigo' video shoot

Robbie Williams 'Vertigo' video shoot

We should get used to seeing a whole lot more of the Robster here in the UK too. If reports are to be believed he is returning here for good with pregnant wife Ayda Field.

The couple are apparently set to move from their home in LA to bring their baby up in the UK.

"He moved to America to enjoy the lifestyle, anonymity and climate, but his heart still belongs in the UK."

The source added: "He wants his parents around during their grandchild's early months and can't wait to enjoy a proper family Christmas together."


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