20/08/2012 12:38 BST | Updated 21/08/2012 02:46 BST

Tenga: We Weren't Egg-xactly Expecting A Sex Toy (PICTURES, VIDEO)

Watching the opening scene of the Tenga Eggs video - where a cockerel innocently walks over to an egg, clucking and pecking away - Huff Post Lifestyle had no idea what was in store.

Perhaps we should have read the warning signs: the aforementioned egg bouncing up into the air after the cockerel pecked at it or the tagline "different strokes for different yokes" said in cheesy American game show host voice.

How foolishly naive we were.

tenga eggs

We should have known better

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Behold the Tenga Egg: male sex toy claiming to guarantee your "best orgasm ever" for £9.99.

Although it's a rather lofty claim, ten pounds isn't unreasonable. Well, not until you learn that the egg is recommended for just one use and then we can't help but think it's a bit steep.

The egg comes in six varieties offering different textures and sensations - Twister, Stepper, Silky, Spider, Wavy, Clicker - which are available individually or as a part of an egg carton that gives you the sixth egg for free. Bargain.


Six for the price of five

The video and website offer easy-to-follow instructions: "Simple to use, just open the egg and take out the soft, internal sleeve. Combine the sleeve with the lube and you have the potential for an amazing orgasm in your hand!"

tenga egg

The Tenga egg in action

The website urges buyers to "collect them all" and we can't help but think back to collectible football stickers or Pokemon cards, which is slightly off-putting.

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