20/08/2012 13:42 BST | Updated 20/10/2012 10:12 BST

The Wedding Video's Robert Webb Remembers His Own SLIGHT Wedding Disaster...

Only one tiny thing went wrong when Robert Webb, star of The Wedding Video, got married himself...

"The music was set at bizarrely low volume, so it all sounded a bit more sombre than it was meant to when we were walking down the aisle.

the wedding video

You'll be amazed to learn that it doesn't all go according to plan in The Wedding Video, starring Rufus Hound, Robert Webb and Lucy Punch

"But the rest of the day was fine, a traditional wedding, with nothing too fancy, all within proportion."

Nothing at all, in fact, like the ceremony he takes part in on screen, which sees Webb, of Peep Show and Fresh Meat fame, line up as the groom Tim to Lucy Punch's bride Saskia, with Harriet Walter and Miriam Margolyes on hand to provide commentary and confetti. He talks us through it...

"These are two people who shouldn't probably get married. Tim's long-lost brother Raif (Rufus Hound) turns up to be best man, and his present is the video of the last few weeks in preparation for the wedding, showing the ups and downs of everyone going mental. It's your classic high-society wedding, with the mood set of these ghastly Cheshire snobs."

Bearing in mind his own harmonious experience, why does Webb think weddings are such a rich source of comedy?

"It's such a show, full of pretence," he offers. "And it's such a big party, with massive pressure that it's got to be the happiest day of your life, pretending that certain rellies haven't got divorced, that others aren't having an affair.

"It's a combination of denial and booze, so it's really your own personal Olympics."

Peep Show Season 8 is back in the autumn, The Wedding Video is in UK cinemas now. Watch the trailer above...