21/08/2012 08:46 BST | Updated 21/08/2012 09:15 BST

Jennifer Aniston Flashes Her Bra On The Set Of New Film 'Meet The Millers'

We're not used to seeing Jennifer Aniston looking dowdy by any meaning of the word.

But as she was forced to wear a frumpy blouse on the set of new film Meet The Millers, Jen couldn't resist raunching it up a bit by undoing her shirt and flashing her bra.

jennifer aniston

The newly engaged star showed off her seriously tanned and toned stomach as she chatted with the film's crew in between takes.

jennifer aniston

The film tells the story of a veteran pot dealer who creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of drugs into the US from Mexico.

She was also seen wearing a ring on set, but it is unknown if it is her engagement ring from Justin Theroux or just for the role.

jennifer aniston

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Jennifer may have got engaged six weeks ago.

It had been thought Justin proposed to Jen on his 41st birthday earlier this month, but Heat magazine has claimed the couple first got engaged during a trip to Italy in July.

A friend told the magazine: "They kept his proposal to themselves because they wanted to wait until he had the ring, and also they wanted to make a formal announcement when they were ready.

"Justin also wanted to tell his ex-girlfriend [Heidi Bivens] in person, so she didn't find out from the press."

They added that the formal engagement on 10 August was pre-planned.


Jennifer Aniston