21/08/2012 12:21 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pregnant Mum's Horror At Facebook Dead Baby 'Joke' Page

Pregnant mum's horror at Facebook dead baby 'joke' page SWNS

A pregnant woman who endured a stillbirth three years ago has spoken of her outrage at a 'Dead Baby Jokes' page on Facebook - and a disturbing message she received from a 'troll' on the site.

Emma Thomas, 23, from Strood, Kent, had written to voice her disgust on the page - which has 64,000 members - and was horrified to get a private message back from one of its users which contained a sick joke.

Emma lost her first baby, Scarlett, to still birth in 2009. The little girl had died due to placenta abruption, and Emma went on to delivery her naturally.

Facebook has refused to ban the page despite campaigns from other furious mums and bereaved parents.

Emma said she deleted the horrific message, but told her local newspaper that it read: "What's the difference between your baby and an onion? No one cried when they cut up your baby."

She told Kent Online: "The humour is absolutely disgusting, it destroys any mum that's lost a child."

The sickening page has 66,000 'likes' and Facebook says it does not violate its policies.

Have you come across vile pages like this? Have you ever complained about them?