24/08/2012 06:23 BST | Updated 24/10/2012 06:12 BST

Sex On The Beach: Couple Fined For Having Sex On Brighton Shoreline (PICTURES, VIDEO)

A couple have been arrested and fined after having sex in broad daylight on Brighton Beach.

The pair were spotted at 9am making love in full view close to Brighton Pier on Sunday morning.

Simon Cummins was alerted to the spectacle after hearing the woman's moans of pleasure as he walked along the promenade.

Brighton bonk: The amorous couple in action - as a curious crowd gathers

Video of the incident reveals holidaymakers and children just yards from the couple. At one point a little boy points at the pair, before being dragged away by his mother.

Things became even more carnal when a group of men assembled around the couple, with one even attempting to join in.

Mr Cummins said: " It was broad daylight, the nearest families were 10 metres away if that, there were kids playing nearby. It was disgusting.

"I have young nephews and nieces and if I had seen that kind of thing going on in front of them I would have had a word.

"The woman and the man didn't look like they were druggies, or dishevelled, they looked like normal everyday people, except it looked like they were shagging on a beach in the middle of the day.

Scroll down for the video... WARNING, contains nudity


"It was like an orgy or the last days of Rome, it was a horrible sight to see. At one point a little boy pointed over at the couple and his mum had to haul him off in disgust.

"It's not Ibiza at 3am in the morning, this was in broad daylight with families around and they just didn't seem to care."

The 30-year-old, who was with friends Ben Stone and Richard Jones, said the reason the trio had noticed the couple copulating was because they heard the woman's "screams".

He said: "Ben said 'What's that noise?' we thought there was someone in trouble but when we saw what was going on we realised she wasn't screaming for help.

"As it went on things got even worse when a few blokes seem to turn up and one of them looked like he got his kn*b out and she put it in her mouth. It was disgraceful.

"When the police finally turned up I was shocked because it seemed to me they were almost scared about approaching the couple, and then they just gave them a fine. They should have been locked up."

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "Police were called to Brighton beach, near West Street, on Sunday August 19 at 9am where it was reported a couple were believed to be having sex.

"Two people were arrested and given a fixed penalty notices."