24/08/2012 12:14 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Queen Helps Girl, 8, Get School Place

The Queen helps girl, 8, get school place SWNS

When eight-year-old Jessica Compston found it hard to settle in her new school, education chiefs refused to let her return to her previous school which was 25 miles away.

So Jessica took matters in to her own hands and wrote a letter to the Queen, explaining her predicament and asking for her help - and her efforts quickly paid off.

The Express reports that Jessica moved to a new area when her parents split up and missed her friends at Little Thetford Primary in Cambridgeshire.

She had been receiving special support at the school as she suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, and her condition worsened after she moved to Sawston, Cambs.

When she started having panic attacks, her mum Louise started home schooling her. Doctors advised sending her back to her previous school but education chiefs refused because the school was oversubscribed and Jessica was living outside the catchment area.

So Jessica wrote a letter addressed to "The Queen at Buckingham Palace", which read: "I have OCD. And the Government aren't letting me go to Littele Thetford Primery School [sic] but my doctor says I need to go. Will you help me?"

The Queen's representative's wrote back saying that they would pass the letter on to Education Secretary Michael Gove - and within weeks, her mum, Louise, was told that Jessica could return to her old school in September.

She said: "When Jessica got that letter from the Queen she felt that at last somebody cared about her and was trying to help. When we had the news that she could go back to her school it brought tears to our eyes. I get emotional just thinking about it."

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