28/08/2012 08:09 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

'Like A Virgin Vaginal Tightening' Cream Claims Cause Controversy. See The Cringe-Making Ad!

An advert for a cream which promises to make women feel '18 again' and 'like a virgin' is causing uproar in India.

The lotion called 18 Again - yes really! - claims to be the country's first vaginal tightening preparation, and, is, according to its makers, a product which will empower women...

The advertising video shows a woman singing and dancing and claiming she feels 'like a virgin' after using the cream. Under the scrutiny of her shocked-looking in-laws, the woman is then joined by her husband as she serenades him with the words 'it feels like the very first time'.

Her disgusted looking mother-in-law then has a change of heart and is seen buying the cream too.

Mumbai-based Ultratech who make the product say it fills a gap in the market in India, although similar vaginal tightening creams are available in other countries.

Rishi Bhatia, the owner of Ultratech says the product contains gold dust, aloe vera, almond and pomegranate, and has been clinically trialled.

"It's a unique and revolutionary product which also works towards building inner confidence in a woman and boosting her self esteem," he told the BBC.

It is not, he said, claiming to restore virginity, but the 'emotions of being a virgin'.

"We are only saying, 'feel like a virgin' - it's a metaphor. It tries to bring back that feeling when a person is 18," he insisted.

The company has come under fire from medics, women's groups and commenters online who say the cream undermines women and reinforces the view that pre-marital sex is wrong.

Annie Raja from the campaign group National Federation of Indian Women told the BBC that the cream was 'utter nonsense' and could give women an inferiority complex by reaffirming the idea that men want women to be virgins on their wedding night.

"Why should women remain a virgin until marriage? It is a woman's right to have sexual relations with a man, but society here still says they should not until they are brides," she said.

Doctors have also voiced scepticism about how the cream could even work - with one saying that the vagina can only tighten by using its own muscles.

HOW bizarre! What do you think about it?