28/08/2012 15:24 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

'Single Mum' Benefit Cheat Lived With Husband Who Earned Up To £1500 A Week While Son Went To Private School

'Single mum' benefit cheat lived with husband who earned up to £1500 a week SWNS

A husband and wife have appeared in court after the woman posed as a single mum to fraudulently claim thousands of pounds in housing and tax benefits when her husband - who earned up to £1,500 a WEEK - was living with her.

Gaye Williams, 38, pretended she lived alone with her son, and claimed the benefits alongside income support. All the while, her husband Glyn lived in the family home and worked as an engineer.


The court heard that the couple sent their son to private school, ran two cars, and bought two pedigree dogs for around £1000 each.


Gaye Williams admitted three charges of obtaining benefits by dishonesty at an earlier hearing.

Her husband Glyn William pleased guilty to three counts of possessing criminal property as the benefit money claimed by Gaye was paid into his bank account.

At the earlier hearing, Judge Jamie Tabor had given them six months to repay a significant amount of the unlawfully claimed benefits or face a prison term.

Appearing in court last week, the judge heard that Glyn Williams, formerly of Oakle Street, Churcham, Gloucestershire, was able to pay £2,500 back to the Department of Works and Pensions.

The court heard that Gaye Williams had been unable to find work since her earlier appearance because of 'grossly inaccurate press reports.'

Glyn William's lawyer, Sabhia Pathan said the couple were now living apart, and that Mr Williams had worked 'extremely hard' to save money towards the repayment.

Gaye William's legal representative Steve Young said she had been unable to work since the case came to court and the benefits she currently receives did not meet her outgoings.

The judge adjourned the case until September 11 after ordering a pre-sentence report on Gaye Williams.