29/08/2012 12:21 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Amanda Holden Is The Celeb Mum Most Women Would Seek Baby Advice From

Amanda Holden is the celeb mum most women want baby advice from PA

So who do you turn to when you need some sound advice about parenting? Your mum? Your best friend? The internet? Or Amanda Holden?

It seems TV's golden girl and mum to Lexi and Hollie is the number one celeb British women would most like to get baby related advice from.

Amanda received more than a third of the vote in the poll conducted by retailer, coming in 11 points ahead of mum-of-two Holly Willoughby in second place, and Victoria Beckham in third.

Newly-single mum-of-one Katie Holmes took fourth place, while another the other new kid on the separation block, Myleene Klass, came in fifth,

Last in the poll with just 2 per cent of the vote was Katie Price...

A spokesperson for claimed it was 'no real surprise' that Amanda topped the list as she is 'very popular at the moment' and her 'recent life experience makes her very appealing to mothers'.

Holly Willoughby meanwhile was cited as being 'very real' and 'committed to the upbringing of her children'.

One voter said she had picked Amanda because she 'absolutely loved' her and because 'you only have to listen to the support and advice she gives the contestants on Britain's got Talent to know that she would give you excellent advice.'

Hmmm...we're not convinced by this. Wouldn't you turn to a friend, family member - or perhaps a website?

What do you think? Which celeb would you want to turn to? Or is Miriam Stoppard as showbiz as you go with the childcare advice?

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