29/08/2012 06:11 BST

Extreme Prankster Is Russia's Most Annoying Man (VIDEO)

Look, we've got to level with you: we don't know how the 'prankster' in this Russian video is still alive. We can only assume he does a lot of off-camera apologising. Or runs really, really fast.

We guarantee you'll be shocked and appalled by the extreme stunts he pulls on apparently unsuspecting members of the public. Gasp as he chucks a tyre into a group of men! Shriek as he squirts cream over a poor woman's head! Shake your head in disgust as he ruins a nice lady's street portrait!

Just in case your Russian is a little ropey, we should point out that the title of this video translates as 'lawlessness'. Still, if we were among this joker's victims, we think we'd take the law into our own hands...

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