Unlucky-In-Love Daily Mail Moves Its Affections From Jennifer Aniston To Geri Halliwell

Unlucky-In-Love Daily Mail Rekindles Romance With Geri Halliwell

Will it be 568th time lucky for the Daily Mail?

The newspaper has rekindled its love affair with Geri Halliwell, after its relationship with Jennifer Aniston ended in catastrophe. Or as it's also known: marriage.

In an article headlined 'Geri Halliwell Might As Well Kill Herself Now', the Mail can be seen clearly pursuing Halliwell and rubbishing her former relationships.

"The former Spice Girl has enjoyed 13 romances since finding fame," it says, "and so far all have ended in disaster. Earthquakes, floods, war... the lot."

Despite warnings from other papers that Halliwell "isn't worth it... she just doesn't shift enough copies", the Mail seems intent on flaunting its curves covers in front of the pop star who, at the age of 40, is said to be "the perfect single woman" for the tabloid.

Many fear, however, that like Aniston, Halliwell may do the unthinkable and actually settle down - leaving the Daily Mail in the lurch once again.

But so far, the paper seems happy to ignore the warning signals - and determined to show Jennifer Aniston what she's missing.


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