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The Script's Danny O'Donoghue On Pouring His Heart Out And Working With 'Genius' Will.i.am For Album #3

"If someone really f**king pisses you off, how cool is it to be able to put that into a song and have that played around the world?" asks a happy Danny O'Donoghue, frontman of The Script and coach on BBC singing contest The Voice.

His Irish pop-rock band, with two number one albums under their belt, are set to release their third on 10 September, with single Hall Of Fame leading the way.

The track features O'Donoghue's fellow The Voice coach and international music star Will.i.am - somewhat surprising after we last saw them bickering over "talent" and tactics on the Saturday night reality show.

Was recording together any more harmonious?

"We always have disagreements on the show but it's always about music, it's always about 'try harder', he's a great tactician as well. He says 'I've got tic tacs that stay fresh, oh yeah', which I think is hilarious.

danny odonoghue

Danny takes on Tom Jones, Jessie J and Will.i.am on The Voice

"On the TV show we are bickering back and forth, but not because I hate him, but because he didn't do something right with his artist. As soon as the cameras are off, he's slapping my hand and having the crack, so he's exactly the same as on the telly but even more passionate," O'Donoghue reveals.

He' s obviously thrilled to get the chance to work with Will - who as part of the Black Eyed Peas has sold an estimated 56 million records worldwide and produced some of music's biggest stars: "What no one got to see him do on the show, which he's best at, is producing and writing. He's a true genius."

the script

Danny O'’Donoghue with The Script's Mark Sheehan and Glen Power –

So how hard was it to get the "genius" to record with Dublin's threesome The Script?

"We got him in a verbal headlock that day and said 'lets record the song.' I jumped in the car with him and we went to the recording studio and an hour and a half later we had the song in its entirety.

"I thought he was going to produce it but he just gave it to me and Mark (Sheehan) and said 'you guys go and produce it.' I thought 'wow I get the chance to produce Will,' that's a lot of trust, bloody too much at this stage in my career."

The upbeat motivational track that they've created (released on 2 September) is set for chart-topping status, with its video already having over 600,000 plays on YouTube. With lyrics such as "be believers, be leaders, be astronauts, be champions," are the The Script getting political?

"We wanted to inspire people to stop trying to be famous for the sake of it," O'Donoghue says passionately.


Danny busking on the South Bank, London

It's a subject that he clearly feels strongly about: "Work hard, be a politician, be a school teacher, be all these things and the pillars of community that are missing because everyone 'wants to be on the telly'. Be something, and then, who knows, you might become famous in the eyes of people around you."

Fans of The Script's trademark break-up songs such as The Man Who Can't Be Moved and Break Even won't be disappointed though. Having split from his girlfriend of four years in June, O'Donoghue has once again poured his heart out on this latest album.

Songs such as Glowing and If You Could See Me Now are classic The Script love songs. The 31-year-old says: "Music has always been a way to get away and it's therapeutic to talk about things that go on in your life."

the script

Stateside: The Script perform at the Today Show Concert Series in New York City in 2011

The Script could be accused of being unimaginative with the title for their third album - is there anything deep behind the name #3?

"We use it as a way to guess people's ages, anyone above 20 is a number 3, anyone below is hashtag 3," he jokes.

"We recorded the album in studio three, I grew up at Number 3, I live in Flat 3 and there's three of us in the group. We didn't want a big statement like How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.

"Three obviously is a magic number, part of Irish history and the Holy Trinity, there are a lot of connotations. Adele's record 19 represented her age and ours represents our mental age, three," he laughs.

O'Donoghue says he's already got what he wanted from the album: "I hope that we bled on the page," and I've got a feeling The Script fans will get what they want too.

WATCH: The Script featuring Will.i.am - Hall Of Fame

#3 - Tracklisting

1 Good Ol' Days

2 Six Degrees of Separation

3 Hall of Fame ( feat. will.i.am)

4 If You Could See Me Now

5 Glowing

6 Give the Love Around

7 Broken Arrow

8 Kaleidoscope

9 No Words

10 Millionaires

11 Moon Boots

12 Hurricanes

13 Hall of Fame (Original Version)

14 Breakeven (Live At The Aviva Stadium, Dublin)

15 The Man Who Can't Be Moved (Live At The Aviva Stadium, Dublin)

16 Talk You Down (Live At The Aviva Stadium, Dublin)

17 For the First Time (Live At The Aviva Stadium, Dublin)

18 VideoMaking of #3

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