Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Who's Being Evicted Tonight - Colleen, Danica, Samantha? We Know Who SHOULD Be

CBB Update: We Know Who SHOULD Be Going Home Tonight...

As the Celebrity Big Brother housemates line up for another eviction tonight, three people are facing the chop - Samantha Brick, Colleen Nolan and Danica Thrall.

Danica, it seems, has paid the price for her 'love-triangle' shenanigans with The Situation and Prince Lorenzo. She was outraged - moved to tears, even - that The Situation nominated her, despite his protestations to her that "I practically love you."

Danica was shocked when she was nominated by MC Harvey - sick of her flirting

"I would never have done that to you, never," she sobbed. But The Situation had his reasons, and they weren't just the petty revenges of a scorned suitor. For in that baseball-capped head is a big mathematical brain, and he'd done his sums. With Colleen, Samantha and Prince in the mix for nominations too, he had to name dastardly Danica to avoid being nominated again himself, and so had to throw the girl he (practically) loved to the wolves - hardly the actions of a true gentleman.

Another housemate belying his 'gentleman' status was MC Harvey, quick to denounce Danica for her role in the love-triangle, conveniently forgetting that he'd once made the same mistake himself, with bigger repercussions - going behind the back of his then-wife Alesha Dixon, before his affair with singer Javine Hylton broke up his marriage.

Colleen was beside herself at what she saw as people playing games around her

But viewers may choose to keep Danica in the house, just to see how this whole psycho-drama plays out.

Meanwhile, Samantha Brick had been nominated, she thought, for being "the quietest of the housemates" - the same line Rhian had used when explaining her eviction on Wednesday.

But her reaction was muted in comparison with the outpourings of Colleen Nolan, who poured her frustrations out in the Diary Room, and they were mostly directed at Julie.

Colleen was beside herself at what she saw as the Corrie legend's "game-playing - and all these young people are falling for it".

It is amazing that Julie has yet to be busted for her Don Corleone role in the house. After the first few days, when she contented herself with smoking in the corner with Julian and raising her eyebrows whenever anybody said anything, she has somehow managed to convince everyone she is their biggest supporter - while talking about them constantly behind their backs.

Julie Goodyear is making people offers they can't refuse...

She told Danica, the appointed trouble-stirrer of the house, that she loved her - "I can't imagine you not being in the house" - while she enjoyed a foot massage from the model.

Even Colleen, after she'd had her rant about Julie's back-stabbing, walked straight back inside and into loving arms of Julie herself, who comforted her, "It's hard in here." Julie evidently has a strange power, and it might yet take her all the way to the title.

Live eviction tonight on Channel 5, 9pm.

This might be the last we get to see of Danica...

CBB: Danica in action...

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