31/08/2012 09:40 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Has Two Sets Of Twins Born On The Same Date


Twin boys Devon and Logan Hefer were born on the same exact date as their older twin brothers - and went straight into the record books. It's the first time that a pair of naturally conceived twin boys in the UK have shared a birthday with their twin brothers.

Devon and Logan were born on July 18 - a memorable birthday present for their four-year-old twin brothers Tristan and Blake.

Delighted parents Kim Hefer 29, and husband Freddie, 30, from Little Paxton, Cambridgeshire, knew the babies would arrive close to their older sons' birthday - their due date was August 13 but twins often arrive early - but never imagined they would be born on the exact same date.

Proud mum Kim told the Cambridge News: "When I found out I was having yet another set of twins at my scan I couldn't believe it. We were gobsmacked. But to have the boys on exactly the same day, I just thought 'there are going to be some crazy birthdays in my household'.

"They will all form a nice little rugby or cricket squad in our back garden. My husband is very keen as he is a huge rugby and cricket fan.

"My house is a little insane at the moment but we are all extremely happy. Tristan and Blake are very excited about their new brothers and said they can't wait to play with them.

Logan was born at 11.50pm, weighing in at 5lb 5oz, while Devon was born a minute later at a weight of 6lb 3oz.

Elder brothers Tristan and Blake were born in South Africa – their parents' native country – and will qualify for dual citizenship next year.

They are about to begin their first term at primary school - probably something of a relief for their parents.

Kim's mother Kathy is currently visiting from South Africa to help her daughter with the band of brothers.

Anna Shasha, head of midwifery at the Rosie Hospital in Cambridge, described the twins' birth as 'highly exceptional'.

She said: "In all my years working in midwifery I have learned never to rule anything out but this situation is extremely unusual.

"I suppose Mother Nature often has a way of determining these things."

Keith Reed, chief executive of the Twins and Multiple Births Association said: "Having two sets of twins born on the same day is very unusual and I am delighted to see that the family's relatives are rallying around to help out.

"It is going to be hard work so they need all the support they can get, which will help to make it an incredibly rewarding and lovely experience."

Can you imagine the birthday scrum with four boys? Huge congratulations to the Hefer family.