PHOTOS: 20 Brilliantly Funny Punning Business Names

PHOTOS: 20 Hilarious Punning Business Names

We don't know about you - but we'd never book in for a cut, wash and blow-dry unless the salon's name was an amusing hair-based pun. After all, why let someone loose on your tresses unless they've got a sense of humour?

So we were very excited to stumble across The Punning Man blog, which - as its name suggests - is packed full of pun-tastic fun, from book titles to, yes, amusing business names.

It's the sterling work of Sean Leahy, who began the blog three years ago, and whose love of puns is part of a lifelong obsession. "I've always loved words," he explains. "I used to play Scrabble and watch Countdown at my gran's house after school. Anagrams and jokes fascinated me from an early age.

"As a result, I have this weird affliction whereby I'm constantly thinking of alternative meanings for almost everything in conversation. I can't help myself.

"In my old job, a manager was reading a postcode, which ended '2YY' - to which I sang, 'Hush hush, eye to eye'. I was made redundant not long after that. I'm sure the two things are unrelated, though."

We've rounded up 20 of our favourite funny shop signs and business names from The Punning Man's blog. So hair we go...

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