Giant Naked Woman On Northumberland Landscape To Be Opened To Public

Giant Naked Woman On Northumberland Landscape To Be Opened To Public

The sculpture of a giant naked woman nestling in the Northumberland landscape will be officially open to the public on Monday.

He curves have been growing gradually over the past two years and now the "The Lady of The North" claims the bodacious title of being the world's largest human form sculpted into the landscape.

Weighing 1.5 tonnes and stretching across 1.5 miles, the goddess-like Northumberlandia can be seen by pilots coming in to land at nearby Newcastle airport.

Unfortunately the goddess has been nicknamed 'Slag Alice': she is made from leftover materials from a mine

She is created from the rock, soil, stone and clay left over from Shotton surface mine in Cramlington. Her Royal Highness The Princess Anne will open the creation on Monday.

Katie Perkin, communications manager for the Banks Group, told the BBC: "It cost £3m for us to create Northumberlandia. We wanted to give something back.

"When we end a project on a mining site we restore it. With this project we heard there was some local concern about a negative effect on tourism, so we decided to go one step further than usual and create a tourist attraction to leave as our legacy.

Another view of the £3m project

People will be able to walk over the reclining lady, which has cost £3million was designed by artist Charles Jencks on land owned by Viscount Ridley and worked by the Banks Group.

Ostensibily a celebration of the earth's natural power and humanity's ability to harness the landscape, she has been given a less atttractive nickname by the local residents.

The giant naked lady is also known as Slag Alice, Fat Slag (after a character in the Geordie comic Viz), and Big Bird, according to the Daily Mail.


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