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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Will Julie Survive Another Eviction? Not If MC Harvey Has His Way...

Julie Goodyear had played a stormer for the whole week in the Celebrity Big Brother house, establishing intimate chats with so many people in the house that she was in no danger of going home on Friday night, despite a live double eviction.

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For the first time, Julie felt the wave of unpopularity from outside the house, and it rattled her

But the departure of Danica and Samantha was overshadowed by the loud boos from the crowd outside, all heard by the remaining residents - and it seemed they were all for one person only, the lady in the cowboy hat.

"What are they saying?" asked Julie, looking properly shocked. "Is it Julie or Julian?"

The ex-Corrie star soon realised it was probably her, and had to retreat to the Diary Room to get over her discomfort.

BUT it didn't stop her meddling antics for long. All week, we'd seen her weald her strange power over the girls - with Danica and Samantha both succumbing to the charm of her personal attention, and even the cynical Coleen queueing up for a cuddle from the house 'nana'...

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The house has undeniably turned into a boys' club, with only Coleen and Julie representing the women of the world

With the the girls disappearing one by one, Julie turned her attentions to MC Harvey, trying to convince him to break up the boys' brigade by nominating the Prince in the next round.

Busted! Big Brother noticed her breaking the house rules by talking about nominations, and meted out cruel and unusual punishment to this septuagenarian meddler... no leopard print clothing OR accessories until further notice. "It's all I've got," she wailed.

And now the boys have noticed what she's up to, she may have far more trouble dividing and ruling this merry mob than she did the insecure girlies.

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Ashley had to choose which housemates got letters from home - both Julie and Prince Lorenzo failed to receive theirs, as did Martin, and Ashley even sacrificed his own

Ashley was the first to show where his loyalty lay - given the task of choosing letters from home for the housemates, he was quick to destroy Julie's and keep Harvey's: "What she did was no good."

And later, Harvey told Coleen," Some people have got judgement day coming."

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Julie has got a point though. "We can't have all fellas still in, we've gotta have some girl power," she told Coleen, and certainly this gang of merry men has got to be broken up and soon, if we are to enjoy an interesting final week in the house. It's a double eviction again next, and just imagine a final with no Coleen, Julie, Martin or Julian to add their wisdom to the party. TV off-switches abound.

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